"Because giving is better than receiving, especially when it's given from the heart"

Our Mission: Is to help sick children in hospitals to smile through their pain, by way of hugs, stuffed animals, toys, and gift bags. Showing them that we care and helping them to feel special during this difficult time in their lives.

Our Vision: Visiting children's and pediatric hospital's in the south, helping to bring smiles to the faces of as many children in hospitals as we can, hoping that one day our acts of kindness will inspire them to pay it forward.

Right now there is a sick child in a hospital just waiting for a reason to smile. Why not open your heart and be that reason?  YOU can make a big difference with a small donation. all monetary donations are accepted. You can also donate your time, by volunteering for one of our yearly PIMKB's hospital visits.

Three to four times a year PIMKB host hospital visits and events raising funds to keep us going while raising awareness for many different causes such as Cancer, Heart Disease, Autism, Kidney Disease, just to name a few. Our Dream for a Day program started in 2012 raising funds to give critically or terminally ill children a dream for a day. We welcome all who know of such children to contact us if you would like to help make one of their dreams come true. This program is very hands on and personal because during the process we get to meet and know some of the families and the child(ren). It is very heart breaking knowing that a child and their family are suffering. But at the same time it is very heartwarming because we get to do something very special for them. There is nothing like seeing the smile on the face of a child and their family or receiving a great big hug and thank you because we (strangers) opened up our hearts and allowed them in and they allow us in as well. That makes all of the hard work we put into PIMKB worth it.

Poetry in Motion Kare Bears, Inc. goal is not to change the world. We are simply trying to help the world smile, one child at a time. We live in a world where people are so consumed with self, we sometimes forget that something other than what's going on in our world matters. Being apart of PIMKB has been a life changing experience for everyone who has ever taken part in visiting with the children or volunteering for one of our dream for a day events. You can show your support for the work we are doing by donating to a wonderful cause. All donations are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support.

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