Baby Lena is 14 months old and has what is known as “Open Lipped Schizencephaly with right sided Hemiparesis”. This means that she has clefts, or pieces, missing from her brain and that the midline is not centered like most people. It causes her to be partially paralyzed on the right side in her arm and leg. It has also resulted in what right now is being assessed as a 25% developmental delay. Her mother who is a single mother of three is hoping her situation will change with physical therapy. 

Most children with schizencephaly develop seizure disorder by age 5, thankfully Lena has shown no signs of this so far. Lena also has what is known as “Arteriovenous Malformation” which appears on her  nose and forehead which is the result of her having an open skull malformation. The artery that drains blood away from Lena's brain runs down the middle of her face through an opening in her skull that should not be there. Her jugular does not work at all. Her condition means that any germs or bacteria that she is exposed to goes through her nose and are directly exposed to her brain leaving her at increased risk for brain infections like meningitis and  stroke. It also means that if she were to hit or bump her nose or forehead it could result in skull or brain injury and massive bleeding similar to if your throat were cut.

Lena also has a cardiac defect known as  “Patent Ductus Arteriosus”

This is a link between her heart and lungs. In babies who develop normally this is what allows them to not breathe air during pregnancy, taking their oxygen directly from their mother’s blood stream. In most babies, this closes within hours or days after birth. Lena's is still open leaving her at increased risk for cardiac and lung infections. Lena has also been fitted for leg braces to assist her in walking.

Poetry in Motion Kare Bears will be honoring Lena with a “Dream for a Day” at our organization 3rd year Anniversary Poetry event.  We will be raising funds to send her on a shopping spree. Supplying her with some of the necessary things to help assist her in her physical development. Items such as a special walker, kid sized furniture(like a couch, chair , table and chairs etc...) because she can not be allowed on adult sized furniture because of the risk that she may fall. She also needs a low to the ground toddler bed with soft rails ( she can not sleep in her crib because of the hard slats and rails.  If she were to hit her face on these during the night it could be horrible! Right now Lena sleeps in a soft sided play pen. We are also trying to supply her with toys that would encourage brain development and stimulation.  

3 year old Bayleigh Hammer pictured at the top, was the first child to be apart of P.I.M.C.B ~Dream For A Day~ program. Little Bayleigh was diagnosed with Leukemia. When I read her heart warming story by a family friend who posted about her on Face Book, I had to reach out to her family.

Baby Phoenix, also pictured at the top is apart of our foundation's ~Dream For A Day~ program. He was born with a bad heart and at 4months old had his first open heart surgery to save his little life and now at 7months old he needs another open heart surgery. Through our program we are working hard to help his mother make this happen. She is a single mother who has to give Phoenix care around the clock which means she can not work. Her bills have piled up and she has no money to pay for another surgery so P.I.M.C.B has stepped and are doing our best to help. We ask that you please do the same. A small donation is all it takes to make a difference.

London age 9 has been battling a brain tumor since age 2 which has caused her to go blind in her left eye. She is being given her dream for a day at our 2nd Annual Ballin fa Life Cancer Fight" event October 12, 2013

Makayla is 14 years old and recently diagnosed with leukemia in Jan 2013 she will be honored at our 2013 2nd Annual Ballin fa Life Cancer Fight event.  

I started our ~Dream For A Day~ program for Cancer Awareness Month with the intent of only running the program for the month of October. But after meeting Bayleigh and her family, they touched my heart so much I decided to continue the program permanently. I am so happy I made that choice because now we have the opportunity to reach more children and help make at least one of their dreams come true.

Bayleigh received a plaque honoring her for being a cancer fighter and survivor as well as a hand made basket by our CEO filled with items her mother told us she would like. And because her mother is so loving in caring for both her daughters, P.I.M.C.B treated her to a relaxing massage courtesy of Halo Suites Day Spa in New Orleans.To find out more about Bayleigh and her fight please visit them on Face Book at "Prayers for Team Bayleigh.

If you know of a child battling a severe illness and you would like to enter them into our ~Dream for a Day~ program please leave us a message in our contact box. Thank you.