Lytia Bradley

On September 14, 1982 the world welcomed one of God's most precious beings. A beautiful baby girl named Lytia Bradley. In her short time on this earth she touched the lives of many. Her amazing spirit and light up the room smile, anyone who came to know Tia loved her. 

Tia began her battle with breast cancer 5 years ago. A battle that would inspire many during her journey. On February 8,2014 that battle came to an end. Tia decided she no longer wanted to fight and it was time to rest. But cancer did not take her easily. She fought long and hard. And although her body is no longer here, her spirit lives on. So cancer still did not win. Tia just decided to set this round out because her work is now done.  Lytia laid a foundation and left us one amazing legacy. 

Through her battle, all the pain, loosing her hair, and chemo treatments not once did I ever hear her complain. Tia always wore a smile with such an amazingly positive attitude. Tia and I met at a women's survivor event a few years ago where she and I both shared our truth's about being survivors (of different situations). Of course Tia's truth was about surviving breast cancer. It was during that event that Lytia and I connected and now share a bond that even death can not break. 

Tia was honored during my organization's 3rd Annual "Ballin fa Life Cancer Fight" event in 2013 (just 4 months ago). And as Tia often did... she touched the hearts of everyone who attended. Everyone gathered around and listened as she spoke of her battle and her strength. EVERYONE will remember her amazing smile and positive spirit. It was hard to meet Tia and not love her.

Lytia would tell me she did not like for people to think of her as being sick. She said "I am not sick I just have a lil cancer" and she lived her life as such. She did not mope around feeling sorry for herself. Tia was thankful for everyday. Even when she was in pain she always looked at the bright side of the situation. Another one of her sayings that (I try my best to live by)  "Everyday is a good day...some days are just better than others" Tia loved life and appreciated every moment of it.

I don't think Tia ever looked at cancer as  being a death sentence, but as her way to encourage, and bring awareness to the world while bringing as many people together as she possibly could... and that she did do. Along this journey we call life, Tia truly inspired people all across the country (in person and through social media). It did not matter if they were battling cancer or knew someone who was. 

She helped many  (including myself) to always look at the glass as half full and to focus on the positive things in life.  Tia never allowed cancer to define who she was because her spirit was much to big for cancer to consume.  She was always willing to lend a helping hand in anyway she could.  Even on her worse days she still wore that beautiful smile.  Through her cancer balls Tia started her own movement that I am sure will live on through her family and friends to honor her memory.

To Tia's mom Ms. Bradley... Thank You for blessing us with such an amazing person. Tia was a light for us all. You raised such an amazingly beautiful woman inside and out.  My life will always be filled because of the precious gift you gave which was Tia. Your daughter meant more to me than my words could ever express.  She thought of me as a big sis and I wear that title proudly. 

To all of Tia's family, friends, and loved ones... I hope you all will take comfort in knowing that she is now resting peacefully and that her departure is only temporary because one day we'll see her again.  Cherish her memory and all the good times you got to share with her.  She would not want any of us to be sad... so lets continue to celebrate her life and her legacy. 

Lytia (sis) you are truly a Beautiful Butterfly with an amazing set of wings. THANK YOU for imprinting on my heart and changing my life forever.

Love you for life even in death. Tasha aka Mystique da Poet